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Philadelphia Folk Festival - Schwenksville, PA 1970-71-72
— 8/29/1970
01 Woodstock
02 Finest Lovin’ Man
03 I Ain’t Blue

— 8/28/1971
04 Blue Bird
05 Finest Loving Man
06 Any Day Woman
07 talking/tuning
08 Big Road
09 I Ain’t Blue
10 talking/tuning
11 Walking Blues
12 Blender Blues

— 8/25/1972 (some hiss)
13 Intro/tuning/Under The Falling Sky
14 Too Long At The Fair
15 Love Me Like A Man
16 You Got To Know How
17 talking
18 Kokomo Blues

Source: Soundboard

Additional Info

This soundboard recording contains one of Bonnie earliest public performances on a bigger stage if not the first?

Bonnie with her brother David Raitt at Philly Folk Fest. 1970

Bonnie Raitt, Philadelphia Folk Festival, circa 1971 © Wanda Fischer

Bonnie Raitt - Nobody's Girl (CD)
01- Any Day Woman
02- Women Be Wise
03- Love Me Like A Man
04- Angel From Montgomery
05- El Salvador
06- Write Me A Few Of Your Lines-Kokomo Blues
07- The Roads My Middle Name
08- Nobody’s Girl
09- Thing Called Love
10- Nick Of Time

Christic Institute Benefit – 11-16-1990
with Johnny Lee Schell

High Live HL 2922 (German label 1994)


Additional Info

Also released as part of 3 disc set Springsteen, Raitt and Browne.


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