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Bonnie Raitt attends Little Feat award ceremony on Hollywood Boulevard

on April 23, 1976 No comments
by Ben Fong-Torres
From his book: Willin’ – The Story of Little Feat
Bonnie Raitt attends a Little Feat award ceremony on Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood, CA – April 23, 1976. © Mark Sullivan /Getty Images

Frederick’s of Hollywood was the site, a few months after The Last Record Album was released, of one fabulous Feat event.
Although there already was a star—Charlie Chaplin’s—on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in front of the store, there was Little Feat, ready to receive its own star on Hollywood Boulevard.
Standing just in front of Frederick’s window display of glittery negligees, padded bras, and see-through panties, fans, Warner Bros. staffers, and a few curious passersby surrounded Little Feat.

The band lapped it up. They ventured inside Frederick’s, and when the store manager’s teenaged son approached George with praise, he got a glossy Little Feat photo, which George signed, “With full support.”

Bonnie Raitt accompanied the band on their big day, and when a DJ asked for a comment, she said, “Little Feat are the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world.”

Bonnie Raitt with Sam Clayton from Little Feat laughing behind her. The person on the right is Frederick Mellinger, the founder of Frederick’s of Hollywood and inventor of the push up bra. – April 23, 1976 © Mark Sullivan /Contour by Getty Images

The band celebrated with a four-night run at the Roxy on Sunset. Raitt, along with Jackson Browne and other friends, attended, and each night a very fortunate audience member received a $25 gift certificate—from Frederick’s.

As it turns out, Little Feat never got an official star on the Walk of Fame. It was all a publicity stunt to hype The Last Record Album.

“It was all about promo,” said Payne. “Welcome to Hollywood!”

Source: © Copyright Ben Fong-Torres

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