Launch of a new fansite about the GREAT Bonnie Raitt !!

New fansite: Bonnie's Pride and Joy

Hello Bonnie Raitt fans all over this globe !!

I’m excited to announce that my new Bonnie Raitt fansite Bonnie’s Pride and Joy is going live from this moment on !

So close to the release of Bonnie Raitt's new album "Dig In Deep" I thought it would be the right moment to launch my new fansite of Bonnie too ! Although it isn't finished completely, but it is taking shape.

For 10 years I was webmaster of the site Bonnie's Pride which is not updated anymore and now here's the new modern site: Bonnie's Pride and Joy !

I'm sending this newsletter to all the fans who have registered on the old site and I hope you will register again on the new one.

My name is Eric (nick:Bluesman), 60 years old, merried, 2 sons, and a cat and I live in a town called Zwolle in The Netherlands, Europe. I'm a fan of Bonnie from onwards the seventies when I first heard her voice and I was sold for life ! I think you all know what i'm talking about...and her looks also I'll have to admit as a healthy man...ahumm...she's GRAITT..

My main goal of this new site is the same as the previous the fans a place where they can meet each other to talk about the music and life of Bonnie Raitt...and also to preserve and save the many articles and media on the internet and from magazines. Maybe you've noticed that this is all disappearing after a while behind paid archives like Rock's Backpages, Reelin' in the Years, Getty's Images and so on. I don't want to infringe upon copyright materials but too much is going behind closed (paid) doors for us fans I think. So I collect them, pimp them up a little bit with photo's and video's.

You can contribute to this site by registering first (important) and send in your reviews of the upcoming concerts or becoming an editor maybe and make articles about anything of Bonnie's past and present. Or/and upload photo's / video's you've made. I've a special interest for articles from the seventies because there're so hard to find and so much fun to read. Always looking for rare footage ofcourse... So, if there are fans among us who want to help me with this site in one way or another please don't hesitate to contact me. This can be technical (making a nice logo/header for instance) or editorial. You can also leave comments on posts (would make me very happy) or give feedback in a forum or through the contactform in the footer of this site.

I would be very pleased if you could let me know what you think about this site. (Or if there's some sort of bug or malfunction ?)

Bonnie's Pride and Joy is opening with a playing video which can be stopped ofcourse, a little bit unusual but I hope you like it. I think this willl be temporary though...

So please have a look at the new site and enjoy Bonnie's Pride and Joy !

I hope to welcome you online sometime soon....

btw, did you know that Bonnie and her band are celebrating the release of Dig In Deep tomorrow with a LIVE Q&A session on her Facebook !

Regards, Eric