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Bonnie Raitt Announces New Album ‘Dig In Deep’, Out Feb 26 (Redwing Records)


BONNIE RAITT . October 22, 2015

On February 26, 2016, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bonnie Raitt will release ‘Dig In Deep’, her twentieth album, on Redwing Records, her own, independent label. The record follows Bonnie’s hugely successful 2012 release ‘Slipstream’, which was one of the best-selling independent albums of 2012 and earned Bonnie a GRAMMY for Best Americana Album — her tenth career GRAMMY win.

“The response to ‘Slipstream’ was such a refreshing and unexpected boost,” says Raitt. “So going into this album, I had renewed energy.”

The pre-order for ‘Dig In Deep’, which will be distributed globally by ADA, begins on November 6. Raitt, who is now being booked worldwide by CAA, will shortly announce tour dates for 2016; pre-sales for those shows will start on November 10, with public on-sales to follow on November 13.


Bonnie announces her new album “Dig In Deep” !!



As a working musician, Bonnie Raitt has often lived an itinerant life. That made it easy to step into the persona of her new song, “Gypsy in Me.”

Shot by Jason Farrell, the clip features footage from a recording session as Raitt and her band cruise through the song in the studio. Guitarist George Marinelli lays down a slinky blues riff as he works on a piece of chewing gum, while Raitt peels off slide guitar licks and sings in warm, rich tones. “Gypsy in Me” marks the fourth time the singer has recorded a song that Gordon Kennedy and Wayne Fitzpatrick have had a hand in writing.
“We’ve gotten very comfortable having Jason Farrell be our ‘fly in the wall’ videographer during our recording sessions,” Raitt says.

“I was thrilled when they said they’d custom-written a new one just for me, and I knew when I heard ‘Gypsy in Me’ it would fit the band and me like a glove,”


“I’m excited to finally have my first lyric video coming out along with the release of our first single, ‘Gypsy In Me,’ later this week…New album, Dig In Deep, comes out Feb. 26th, followed by our two-year world tour. Can’t wait to hit the road!”


Bonnie and Redwing Records are proud to premiere the lyric video for “Unintended Consequence of Love,” the lead track from her forthcoming album Dig In Deep set for release this Friday, February 26th! Bonnie wrote this song with New Orleans singer, songwriter and keyboardist Jon Cleary, who recorded and toured with Bonnie as a member of her band for 10 years (and who won his first Grammy Award last week for his album, Go Go Juice!) Hope you enjoy!

Feeling that her recent, two-year-long tour was one of her best ever, Raitt was eager to get her touring band back in the studio. She again produced the album herself (other than one track taken from her 2010 sessions with Joe Henry), and brought Ryan Freeland back as the project’s engineer. Notably, Raitt has writing credits on five of the album’s songs, the most original compositions she has contributed to a record since 1998’s ‘Fundamental’.

“I was really inspired to come up with some songs that went with grooves that I missed playing in my live show, and to dig deeper into some topics I hadn’t yet mined,’ she said. “I don’t write easily and can get distracted, but remembering how satisfying it was to come up with something new of my own, and writing with guys I love—like my longtime bandmates George Marinelli and Jon Cleary—I found that once the wheels started turning, the music came pouring out.”

Debuting in the Top Ten, ‘Slipstream’ marked not only Raitt’s first release on her own label, but her biggest chart success in two decades. The album was praised as “gripping” (New York Times), “masterful” (Hollywood Reporter) and “emotionally searing” (Variety). Simply put, it was embraced as “one of the best of her 40-year career” (American Songwriter).

Now, with ‘Dig In Deep’, Raitt returns with her characteristic, incomparable blend of blues, rock, R&B, and pop, and a healthy dose of the signature slide work from the woman Rolling Stone named one of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.”

“I’m feeling pretty charged, and the band and I are at the top of our game,” says Bonnie Raitt. “I think all these years together pay off, and the best part is that we know how lucky we are to still get to make our livings doing something we love this much.”

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Bonnie Raitt Set to ‘Dig In Deep’ on New Album

Guitarist and singer’s 20th album to arrive in 2016 with extensive tour to follow

BY JON BLISTEIN | October 21, 2015

Bonnie Raitt will release her 20th album, ‘Dig In Deep,’ next year, with an extensive tour to follow
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Bonnie Raitt will follow up her Grammy-winning 2012 LP, Slipstream, with her 20th studio album, Dig In Deep, set to arrive February 26th via her own Redwing Records.

Pre-orders for the new album will begin on November 6th, while a world tour for 2016 is currently being booked. Dates will be announced soon, as pre-sale tickets go on sale November 10th, while general sale begins on November 13th.

Following a two-year trek in support of Slipstream, Raitt quickly returned to the studio with her touring band to record Dig In Deep. Raitt produced the album herself — save one song, pulled from her 2010 sessions with Slipstream co-producer Joe Henry — and wrote five new tracks, the most original material she’s penned for a record since 1998’s Fundamental.

“I was really inspired to come up with some songs that went with grooves that I missed playing in my live show, and to dig deeper into some topics I hadn’t yet mined,” Raitt said in a statement. “I don’t write easily and can get distracted, but remembering how satisfying it was to come up with something new of my own, and writing with guys I love —like my longtime bandmates George Marinelli and Jon Cleary — I found that once the wheels started turning, the music came pouring out.”

The turnaround between 2012’s Slipstream and Dig In Deep is comparatively quick for Raitt, who previously hadn’t released an album since 2005’s Souls Alike. That time, however, was marked by personal tragedy, including the passing of Raitt’s parents in quick succession, as well as the death of her brother from brain cancer in April 2009.

But Slipstream — which eventually won the Grammy for Best Americana Album — helped reinvigorate Raitt, who told Rolling Stone at the time, “The sessions were so inspiring that I fell back in love with music and got my appetite for it back again. It was healing.”

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Bonnie Raitt Preps Personal New LP: ‘I Had a Lot of Loss’

Raitt digs deep, gets noisy with her longtime band on her first album since 2012

By David Fricke November 13, 2015

© Jason Farrell
© Jason Farrell

Bonnie Raitt’s new studio album, Dig in Deep, won’t be out until February, but the singer-guitarist has already received her first rave review. “I got an e-mail from Jackson,” Raitt says, meaning her friend Jackson Browne. “He said, ‘I love the way you use the band as a band. It really sounds cohesive.'”

The LP title comes from a line in the opening stomp, “Unintended Consequence of Love.” It is also Raitt’s allusion to how she and her longtime studio-and-road band — guitarist George Marinelli, bassist James Hutchinson and drummer Ricky Fataar, with recent recruit Mike Finnigan on keyboards — “have become a unit that can dig deeper,” she says, “into the grooves.” Two covers come from the Eighties, freshened with blues-rock swagger and Raitt’s torrid slide guitar: INXS’ “Need You Tonight” and Los Lobos’ “Shakin’ Shakin’ Shakes.” “We make a lot of noise for four people and me,” Raitt, 66, notes proudly.

Dig in Deep is her most personal record in years, with Raitt’s highest tally of original songs since 1998’s Fundamental. “I had a lot of loss,” Raitt says, referring to the passing of her mother, Marjorie; father, John; and brother Steve, between 2004 and 2009. She points to the resurgent energy in the gospel-influenced “What You’re Doin’ to Me.”

“We all get shuttered down by life,” she says. “And sometimes people blast the door open and pull you out.”

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How Bonnie Raitt overcame loss and heartbreak for her 20th album

‘You just have to kind of roll your eyes and say, God willing, everyone will like this one,’ the legend says of ‘Dig In Deep,’ due out in February.

by Madison Vain • @tweetsinvain – Posted January 5 2016

© Matt Mindlin
© Matt Mindlin

Grammy-winning legend Bonnie Raitt returns with her 20th album Dig In Deep on Feb. 26. Here, she tells EW how she overcame loss to write her largest collection of original material in almost two decades—and why she’s only getting deeper 40 years into her career.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Dig In Deep has more original songs than any of your albums since 1998’s Fundamental. What inspired you to write so much?
Raitt: I had a decade of a lot of loss. [Raitt’s mother, father, and brother all died between 2004 and 2009.] I was depleted, but like when your car runs out of battery and your friend pushes you, I got a push. My guitarist George Marinelli sent me the track, “If You Need Somebody,” and I got the wheels going. I knew I was going to write something about dad, and it was going to be said, so I was glad to break that block.

The album has uptempo rockers, too.
We were feeling pretty frisky, I must say. There are a couple of those ballads, but I like to put together a collection the way you would put a show together. You don’t want to have people rushing to the doors weeping.

What made you want to cover INXS’ “Need You Tonight” and Los Lobos’ “Shakin’ Shakin’ Shakes”?
I’m a big INXS fan. I always wanted to slow this down, play a little bit and then stop and [sing], “You’re one of my kind!” [Laughs] It feels as sexy as it sounds. I hope they like our version. And I just love Los Lobos. The music was hellacious enough where I couldn’t help but find it irresistible. I put it on there just so we would tear it up live.

A number of young artists cite you as a major influence. Do you feel like to have a role to playe for younger women?
Oh, how sweet! How great! I’ve never seen my name on a list of anybody ever mentioning anything. [Laughs] I don’t mean to be falsely humble, but I literally have not seen it before. I’m thrilled.

Forty years into your career, what keeps you motivated?
I was only interested in doing this if I could continue to grow – find new songs and new combinations of ways to play things. My role models were old R&B and blues artists, like Tony Bennett and my dad; artists who’ve gone into their older years growing richer. I’m modeling myself after them. People only get more interesting and deeper as they get older.

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7 years after her last album, Bonnie Raitt is back in the game
Bonnie Raitt waited until she was ‘really ready’ for ‘Slipstream’

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by Randy Lewis

LOS ANGELES — Whether touring, winning Grammys or fighting for the rights of music veterans, singer and guitarist Bonnie Raitt has always had plenty to keep her busy. So over the course of her four-decade career, a gap of a few years between albums wasn’t unprecedented.

But this time around, the seven-year lapse between her last CD and her new effort, “Slipstream” (arriving Tuesday), is different.

The nine-time Grammy Award winner pulled off the road, put the band that she’s toured with for decades on ice, and joined the audience.

“I got to go to gigs — just be a fan, no pressure whatsoever,” said Raitt, 62, in between sips of iced tea at the vintage Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City, the neighborhood just outside where she grew up as the daughter of Broadway star John Raitt and singer-pianist Marge Goddard. “I got to see a lot of jazz, African world music and the symphony, and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass (Festival in San Francisco) — I got to go two years in a row. That’ll fire you up to get back into music.”

The experience recharged Raitt for the making of her new and 19th album, most of which she produced, sans four tracks that came out of sessions with singer, songwriter and producer Joe Henry.

“I waited until I was really ready, and then those Joe Henry sessions, it was like having my blood changed,” she said. “You can be off only so long when you have this in your blood.”

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Bonnie Raitt – Silver Lining

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by Jason MacNeil – 29 May 2002

Only a few musicians in today’s highly competitive and cutthroat music industry can actually say they’ve gotten better with age. Most try to recapture past glories, roll with the punches and fads, or relive old songs in a tempo reduced to two-thirds of the original. Fewer still deliver the goods album after album, regardless of Father or Mother Time.
To fathom Bonnie Raitt falling into this category is ridiculous, as she’s proven on this latest release. While it doesn’t contain the radio friendly tracks of past classics like “Thing Called Love” or “Something To Talk About”, the album as a whole is definitely one of her strongest to date. “This album is a band album,” Raitt states in the liner notes, and nothing truer has been spoken.

Starting off with a ragtime piano and New Orleans blues feeling on the opening “Fool’s Game”, Raitt appears quite comfortable relying on her roots and somewhat sultry delivery to get her message across.
Raitt has always been one to stay current while staying true to her influences, and “Fool’s Game” is no different, and sounds similar to the Black Crowes’ swampy blues swagger circa Three Snakes And One Charm.
The subsequent “I Can’t Help You Now” is adult contemporary and radio-friendly material. Assisted by backup singers Tommy Sims and Bernard Fowler (backing vocalist on recent Rolling Stones outings), the track has a great quasi-funky groove to it. Unfortunately, the title track, a slow melodic ballad, has Raitt doing what Shelby Lynn is best suited for. The song isn’t necessarily horrid, but sounds more like it was included as a “breather” for live performances.

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