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Bonnie Raitt wins Grammy for cover of Manitoba band’s song

on February 6, 2023 No comments

by Kayla Rosen


American singer Bonnie Raitt took home three Grammy Awards this weekend, including one for a cover she did of a Manitoba band’s song.

On Sunday, Raitt won the Grammy for Best Americana Performance for “Made Up Mind,” a cover of The Bros. Landreth’s song from their 2012 album called “Let It Lie.”


The cover appeared on Raitt’s 2022 album “Just Like That,” and marked a big milestone for the band, comprised of Joey and Dave Landreth.

“Whether it’s a Grammy in your own name, or you are just like us, Grammy-adjacent, it is kind of the top accolade that you can earn in the music business. But this is so much more than that for Joey and I,” Dave told CTV News Winnipeg in an interview.

Dave said the duo grew up idolizing Raitt, with her records often playing on their stereo.

“And it was a really, really important, important part of our musical education. And this stuff is burned so deep in the musical culture that, that we travel with,” he said.

“So to have her pluck one of our songs up and take it on this kind of adventure, is just so surreal – and so impactful. It means so much to be acknowledged by one of your heroes, and it’s so far beyond anything that we ever could have dreamed.”

Joey previously told CTV News Winnipeg the band met Raitt at the 2014 Winnipeg Folk Festival. She gave them her email, saying she’s always looking for new songs.

The Bros. Landreth shared their album “Let It Lie” with Raitt, which ultimately led to her making the cover of ‘Made Up Mind.’

Dave remembered what it was like when he and Joey heard Raitt’s version for the first time.

“That’s been her song all along. When we hear her sing it, it just feels like such a perfect fit. I think she does that so wonderfully,” he said.

Raitt also won the 2023 Grammys for Song of the Year and Best American Roots Song for “Just Like That.”

Dave said the win for Song of the Year was a highlight for him as a long-time Raitt fan.

“This is an artist that, 52 years after putting out her first record, is finally being acknowledged as a songwriter,” he said. “Someone who’s built a career off of picking really great songs and all of her hits had been outside writes. And here she is taking home the big award, Song of the Year, for something that she penned herself, which I think is just a testament to somebody who is striving for greatness throughout their entire career who never lets up, never takes a foot off the gas creatively, and is always striving for that next thing.”

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Bonnie Raitt gives The Bros. Landreth something to talk about
Winnipeg brothers open tour in Hamilton on June 3

on May 19, 2022 No comments
By Graham Rockingham
The Bros. Landreth, Joey, left, and Dave, have been given a boost by multiple Grammy winning singer Bonnie Raitt.

Dave and Joey Landreth were still in their early 20s when they met Bonnie Raitt backstage at the Winnipeg Folk Festival in 2014. They had just released their debut album under the name The Bros. Landreth and were all but unknown outside of Winnipeg, but they were given the honour of playing on the same stage as the headliner, much earlier in the day, but, still, it was their idol, Bonnie Raitt.

Raitt had heard the local buzz about The Bros. Landreth and came out early to catch their act. She chatted with them backstage, giving them some over-the-top encouragement, telling them their songcraft was in the same league as legendary acts like Little Feat and The Band.

They exchanged emails, starting a long-term mentorship that would result this year in Raitt recording a cover of an early Landreth Bros. tune called “Made Up Mind.” The song became the lead single off Raitt’s new album “Just Like That,” which debuted last month at the top of the Billboard Charts, with the multiple Grammy-winning singer performing it on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”


The timing couldn’t have been better for The Bros. Landreth, who are kicking off a national tour in Hamilton June at Mills Hardware to promote their third album “Come Morning.”

“We’re still wrapping our head around it,” Joey, 34, says in an interview from Winnipeg. “It’s been a tremendously good year for us. It is such an influx of energy to have that kind of validation from someone you admire so deeply. It’s not something we ever imagined happening.”

“And then to hear (Raitt’s) recording, it’s pretty true to our own version,” adds Joey, who handles guitar and most of the lead vocals in the band. “She didn’t change it much. That is tremendous validation.”

© Shervin Lainez

The brothers first heard about Raitt working on their song from the Nashville grapevine after noted session guitarist Kenny Greenberg walked into a music store and asked a guitar tech for pointers on how to emulate Joey’s guitar sound.

“It was all rumours,” says Dave, 36, the band’s bassist. “Then they reached out just before Christmas and gave us the best Christmas present we could imagine. It was a letter from management with a bunch of notes from Bonnie, saying ‘Hey, guys, we’re very pleased to let you know this song made the record and it’s the first single. We really hope you like it.’”

Bros. Landreth Facebook message for Bonnie.

What a fun weekend it’s been. We’re truly overwhelmed with gratitude. Thanks again and a heartfelt congratulations to Bonnie Raitt and her incredible band: James “Hutch” Hutchinson Kenny Greenberg Glenn Patscha #RickyFataar and Ryan Freeland too. Feeling on top of the world over here folks!

Album cover art by Roberta Landreth.

“It’s a funny experience because the song now feels like her song,” Dave adds. “We feel excited like a parent would … kind of like ‘I may have brought you into the world, but we’re proud that you’re doing your own thing now.’”

The Bros. Landreth new album, released May 13 on their own Birthday Cake Records label, still contains plenty of the roots/Americana sound that drew Raitt to the band.

But it also sports a much more sophisticated sound, sometimes reminiscent of the 70s soft-rock of Hall and Oates, especially on the lead-off single “Stay.”


Listen to Stay now at

Laden with sweet melodies and smooth harmonies, it’s a sound that was once disparaged as “yacht rock.” Recent trends, however, have given new meaning to the term. “Yacht rock” is now cool. Millennials have re-discovered the blue-eyed soul of the 70s.

“Dude, we love Hall and Oates,” says Dave, who shares songwriting duties with his younger brother. “I’m a massive fan. A lot of people have made that reference, but it was not at all deliberate. We were not trying to channel things. We were just playing in the sandbox and making stuff until it sounded right. When your influences run so deep, they just have a way of presenting themselves. It was just a by-product of immersing ourselves in all these different sounds.”

One of the reasons the brothers chose Hamilton as the place to launch their tour is because of the many fond memories they have of the city.

Their debut album “Let It Lie” (which contains the original version of “Made Up Mind”) earned roots and traditional album of the year at the 2015 Junos in Hamilton. At the same ceremony, Dave’s wife Roberta, a graphic artist, also won for best album art of the year.

“Hamilton has always been really good to us,” Joey says. “It’s very Winnipeggy, a blue-collar town of hard-working people. Both places don’t necessarily have the best reputations, but they’re rich with culture, rich with arts. Hamilton has always been a special spot and the crowds are killer.”

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Bonnie Raitt Shows Off Her Slide Guitar Chops in New ‘Made Up Mind’ Video
Cover of the Bros. Landreth song appears on the singer-songwriter’s latest album, Just Like That…

on April 27, 2022 No comments
By Jon Blistein

Bonnie Raitt shows off her ever-incredible slide guitar skills in the new video for her rendition of the Bros. Landreth’s song, “Made Up Mind.” 

Raitt and her band recorded the video for the song in Los Angeles, with the singer-songwriter telling Rolling Stone that they opted for a simple, live setup because “[w]e wanted to capture the vibe of the full band performing because ultimately we couldn’t wait to get out on tour and play this song live.”

“Made Up Mind” appears on Raitt’s new album, Just Like That…, which was released Friday, April 22. The record includes four new songs by Raitt, as well as a handful of tracks she’d been eager to record for a while, including Toots and the Maytals’ “Love So Strong,” “Something’s Got a Hold of My Heart” by NRBQ’s Al Anderson, and “Made Up Mind.”

“I knew I had to cut ‘Made Up Mind’ the first time I heard it on the Bros. Landreth’s Juno award-winning album, Let it Lie,” Raitt says. “It has my favorite combo of soulful groove, strong melody and lyrics, and, what I love the most, Joey’s killer blues guitar. My band and I couldn’t wait to do our own take and I’m really happy with how it turned out.”

She adds: “I met the Bros. Landreth after being knocked out by their opening set at the Winnipeg Folk Festival in 2014. Reminded me of Little Feat and the Band — great songs, singing, and killer playing. And our hope was the music video could capture some of that same spirit.”

Rait will return to the road next month in support of Just Like That…, and she has dates scheduled all the way through November. Raitt will receive support from Lucinda Williams, Mavis Staples, and Marc Cohn on select dates.

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