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Raitt presents isles with gift from heart
After 18 albums and decades on the road, the songstress has plenty in her quiver

on January 8, 2007 No comments
Review by Burl Burlingame

Bonnie Raitt filled Saturday night’s concert with fine musicianship and personal charm.

TOO MANY WORDS pop into your head whilst trying to sum up Bonnie Raitt — patronizing but accurate descriptions like “adorable,” “kittenish,” “charmful armful”; overweening banalities like “guitar goddess,” “national treasure,” “talented song stylist”; awestruck platitudinals like “genius,” “artist” or “foxy mama” — but the phrase that keeps up a steady tattoo is “generous.”

Bonnie Raitt is a generous soul, and you sense it simply by the way she interacts with the audience, with the talented musicians in her touring band, with the way she interprets songs. Possibly because Raitt grew up in a musical family of Quakers, and performing was a way of sharing and expressing social conscience, there’s no superstar pomposity when she plays. Raitt plays like she’s giving you a gift from the heart. Generous.

People in the audience would occasionally blurt out, “We love you, Bonnie!” as if the words rode down on a thunderbolt through their subconscious and burst out of their surprised mouths. Raitt would wink and nod. Generous? The folks in the fourth row won their seats by online auction with the money going to charity, and Raitt proudly announced that her tour ran on biodiesel, and she’d remind us, once she had us in her hand, to love the earth and to love each other. Pretty generous, particularly as she often made light of herself.

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