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A Prairie Home Companion
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June 7, 2008

This week on A Prairie Home Companion, it’s a garden fresh hot dish of shows from the Greek Theater, in Los Angeles.

We’ll march our phalanx of pen-wielding English majors into the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, bringing Minnesotan cultural exchange to the coastal peoples of the Pacific. With special guests, blue-eyed soul sister Bonnie Raitt, actor and ‘flower in the gun barrel’ Martin Sheen, and gospel-singer Jearlyn Steele. Also with us, The Royal Academy of Radio Actors: Tim Russell, Sue Scott, and Fred Newman, The Guy’s All-Star Shoe Band with Rich Dworsky, and The News from Lake Wobegon. Join us this weekend, on your local Public Radio station.

Featuring Bonnie Raitt singing duets with Keb’ Mo’, Fred Newman singing a song for his beloved New Orleans, and Martin Sheen taking on multiple dramatic roles: a crotchety Irishman, a slippery movie producer, and a difficult tour bus operator. Paula Poundstone and Erica Rhodes also sit in with the Royal Academy of Radio Actors, and in Lake Wobegon — the story of Herman the Human Lightning Rod, survivor of seven atmospheric discharges.

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Garrison Keillor, Sue Scott, Tim Russell, Fred Newman The Guy’s All-Star Shoe Band: Richard Dworsky, piano, melodica, keyboard, organ; Joe Savage, steel guitar; Pat Donohue, guitar; Gary Raynor, bass and Peter Johnson, percussion

Jearlyn Steele, vocals
Martin Sheen, actor
Bonnie Raitt, guitar and vocals; with Richard Thompson, guitar; Keb’ Mo’, vocals and guitar; Hutch Hutchinson, bass; Ricky Fataar, drums and Jeff Paris, keyboard, Andy Stein, mandolin *

“Not the Only One” – Bonnie Raitt and Richard Thompson

“Guy Noir, Private Eye” script

“No Getting Over You” – Bonnie Raitt and Keb’ Mo’ *

“There Ain’t Nothin’ in Ramblin'” – Bonnie Raitt and Keb’ Mo’

“Dimming of the Day” – Bonnie Raitt and Richard Thompson with Shoes

Martin Sheen, Bonnie and Garrison Keillor – Guy Noir, Private Eye script

Source: © Copyright A Prairie Home Companion – Complete Show and Garrison Keillor

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