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Bonnie talks to Bruce Headlam on Broken Record Podcast

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Bonnie Raitt is many things—a Rock ‘n Roll Hall-of-Famer, an incredible blues guitarist, an underrated songwriter, and a fierce advocate for social justice.
Bonnie was offered her first record deal as a college student in 1971 after a reporter saw her play an early gig in NYC, but it took almost two decades before she peaked commercially with her tenth album, Nick Of Time.
Throughout her long career Bonnie has helped preserve American blues music by recording songs from little-known but classic songwriters.

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On today’s episode Bruce Headlam talks to Bonnie Raitt about her meticulous song-selection process and the inspiration behind the tunes she wrote for her new album, Just Like That.
Bonnie also talks about a somewhat awkward dinner she had with Prince. And how her slide guitar technique will forever be tied to giving her brother the bird.

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