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Bonnie Raitt performs as if no one has ever seen the show before

on October 7, 2022 No comments

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Bonnie Raitt joins host Raina Douris

Bonnie Raitt has been releasing albums for over half a century. But thanks to something she learned from her father, who was a famous theater actor and singer, when Bonnie’s onstage, she never performs like she’s been doing it for 50 years.
But whether she’s singing stories she wrote herself or ones written by other people, Bonnie is a brilliant storyteller.
Her new album, Just Like That, is a combination of both. In this session, Bonnie joins me for a wide-ranging conversation about the making of the album, about storytelling, and what it was like getting back on the road for her current tour.

You’ll also find out what kinds of stories and characters Bonnie likes to inhabit the most when performing. And you’ll hear her perform live, songs from Just Like That as well as an old favorite.

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Bonnie Raitt “Just Like That” Just Like That…
Original Broadway Cast “Soliloquy” Carousel
Bonnie Raitt “I Can’t Make You Love Me” Luck of the Draw
The Isley Brothers “Twist & Shout” Twist & Shout
The Rolling Stones “Start Me Up” Tattoo You
The Bros. Landreth “Made Up Mind” Let It Lie
Bonnie Raitt “Made Up Mind” Recorded Live for the World Café
Bonnie Raitt “Love Letter” Recorded Live for the World Café
Bonnie Raitt “Love So Strong” Just Like That
Bonnie Raitt “Living For The Ones” Recorded Live For The World Café

For more than 30 years, World Cafe has been the place where public radio audiences get their first “before they were famous” look at emerging musicians and connect deeply with legendary performers. A celebrated music tastemaker, World Cafe spans an array of genres including singer-songwriter, classic rock, indie rock, Americana, alt-country, blues, world music, R&B and soul.

World Cafe host Raina Douris and contributing host Kallao present a carefully curated music mix along with the central element of each daily show: an intimate conversation with an artist focusing on their craft, songwriting, and inspirations, combined with an exclusive musical performance.

Source: © Copyright WXPN World Cafe and NPR

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