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Blues star Bonnie Raitt gives shoutout to Funny Farm in Mays Landing

on October 25, 2022 No comments
by Selena Vazquez
Laurie Zaleski, owner of Funny Farm Rescue in Mays Landing, New Jersey, talks about her debut book “Funny Farm: My Unexpected Life with 600 Rescue Animals.”

HAMILTON TONWNSHIP — The Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary in Mays Landing has received recognition from legendary rock/blues performer Bonnie Raitt, the farm posted on its social media accounts Sunday.

On Facebook and Instagram, the shelter expressed gratitude to Raitt for her comments.

“Bonnie, thank you,” Funny Farm wrote. “Who knew that 600 animals that for the most part, no one else wanted, could bring so much happiness to people all over the world, including to our friend Bonnie Raitt?”

In an article by Jon Bream from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Raitt said one of her favorite ways to relax and unwind was by watching animal videos.

“The ones [animal videos] that get me the most are the unlikely pairing of friendships of animals,” Raitt, a 10-time Grammy winner and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, said in the article published in July.

She cited a report by “CBS Sunday Morning,” which featured footage of animals roaming free and bonding at Funny Farm.


“By the end of it, my oxytocin level was up to the level of what Grateful Dead fans must feel like at the end of the show,” Raitt said in the article.

Raitt is a guitarist, singer and songwriter who is best known for her folk, blues, country and pop works. One of her most popular albums, “Nick of Time,” earned her three Grammy Awards including Album of the Year in 1990.

“Bonnie, you have a personal invitation to visit the Funny Farm Rescue and Sanctuary for a personal tour with Laurie,” the post read, referring to Laurie Zaleski, who owns and operates the animal shelter on her wooded property off Route 40.

The sanctuary cares for various types of animals, including many that are surrendered for reasons of abuse or neglect.

Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary teamed up with Love, Tito’s Block to Block to make over the farm Friday morning. The makeover focused on growing produce sold to the community with 100% of proceeds going back toward the animals and the charity, according to a news release. (Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary / Provided)

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Funny Farm Rescue on Facebook
Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary website
Funny Farm: My Unexpected Life with 600 Rescue Animals by Laurie Zaleski

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