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Road to Austin 2007

on July 12, 2019 Comments Off on Road to Austin 2007

Road To Austin [DVD]

Road To Austin [DVD] Back

Double DVD edition. Road to Austin chronicles how Austin, Texas became the Live Music Capital of the World dating from 1835 to present day.

This feature documentary builds to a climax as the storyline weaves its way towards a live concert featuring Kris Kristofferson, Bonnie Raitt, Delbert McClinton, Eric Johnson, Ian McLagan, Joe Ely, and many other artists led by musical director Stephen Bruton.

Three and a half hours of music as well as the Austin music documentary, Mr. Kristofferson dedicates this film and all of its proceeds to the Stephen Bruton ‘Artist Wellness Program’ due to Stephen losing his battle against cancer in 2009.
Stephen served as Kris’ guitar player and was his close friend for over 40 years.

The Road To Austin was a magical night of friendship and amazing music!
The date was May 19, 2007 and over sixty artists performed for over 3.5 hours in front of 20,000 people.
This event was designed to create and capture a heightened level of excitement towards understanding how and why Austin, Texas has become known as the “live music capital of the world”.

The vision was to create a unique live musical showcase of local and world-renowned artists that are deeply rooted to the Austin music scene
legacy. The production includes a scripted visual and musical experience delivered via state of the art theatrical staging technology and world class talent.
The late Stephen Bruton was the musical director for the show and a founding member of the FORMAX Group.
Our top-flight team of producers, directors, engineers, crew, and an amazing roster of performers seamlessly came together to accomplish this historic event. Stephen assembled a 15-piece world class house band and led them through a forty song setlist.

The lineup was developed to include multiple genres of music, including poetry, and attempted to blend and blur this artistic diversity in order to deliver many never-seen-before collaborations. The panoply of celebrity headliners heightened the impact of the evening’s apex and afforded Austin’s local artists an opportunity to have these legends accompany them during their performances. A five-day rehearsal and staging period, occurring directly prior to the event was where all these critical components were perfected and new and old friendships magically collided to create a truly unforgettable evening.

In Memory of Stephen Bruton 1948 ~ 2009

Road To Austin website and Road To Austin YouTube channel


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